Marking Chalk


Easily Mark Fabrics with Tailor’s Chalk.

Make quick, visible, and easy-to-remove marks using Fabric Marking Chalk from WAWAK Sewing Supplies. Chalk is the ideal tool for making quick markings, especially on materials that are difficult to mark, like textured, heavy, or dark-colored fabrics. Dressmakers and tailors commonly use Chalk to mark hems. Marking Chalk is available in wax, chalk, and clay varieties, as well as several colors. Tailor’s Chalk is a great tool to have on hand because it's so easy to use and remove. Marks made using Chalk or Clay Tailor’s Chalk are more temporary—these marks can be easily brushed off most fabrics or washed out. Wax Chalk lasts a bit longer, as the markings are heat-soluble and will remain unless ironed out. Browse all Marking Chalk at WAWAK to find the perfect marking tool for your fabrics.