Top Stitch Thread


Topstitching Threads for Durable Decorative Stitching.

Create clean, eye-catching topstitch designs using a Topstitch Thread. Topstitch Threads are typically heavier and more durable so they are able to withstand repeated washes and wear without losing their eye-catching color and finish. Because topstitch threads are heavier threads, they can be used for purely decorative stitching or double as functional construction seams. Choose from Polyester, Nylon, and Cotton/Polyester Topstitch Threads. Cotton/Polyester is the most common choice for jeans and denim topstitching due to its strength and natural cotton look. For particularly tough applications like leather or canvas topstitching, a Nylon Bonded Thread is an excellent choice because of its extra fray resistance. Polyester is an ideal all-purpose Topstitch Thread, ideal for a wide variety of applications and fabrics due to its strength, sheen, and colorfastness. Browse Topstitch Threads here to find your perfect thread for smooth, professional-looking topstitch seams.