Hook & Loop Fastener Tapes


Hook and Loop Fastener Tapes for Sewing and more at WAWAK.

Hook and Loop Fastener Tapes are flexible, easy-to-use closures ideal for attaching two overlapping materials. Choose from Hook & Loop Sew-On Tape or Hook & Loop Adhesive Tape for your projects. Sew-On Hook & Loop Fasteners can be easily sewn onto fabrics as a closure for clothing, pouches, handbags, and other projects. Sew-On Hook & Loop has no sticky-back adhesive. Hook and Loop Adhesive Tape is backed with a sticky glue that makes it extra easy to apply. They’re ideal for smooth surfaces, making them a great choice for home décor, crafts, and sewing room applications. See all available sizes of Hook & Loop Closures at WAWAK to find the perfect match for your sewing projects.