Pant Buttons, Suit Buttons & Coat Buttons


Pant Buttons, Suit Buttons, and Coat Buttons For Menswear.

At WAWAK, we have all the buttons you need for suits and menswear in one place. Our Pant, Suit, and Coat Buttons are available in a variety of styles so you can find the perfect match for your projects. Choose from a selection of stylish, classic buttons for men’s pants, suit jackets, overcoats, blazers, tuxedos, and more. Pant, Suit, and Coat Button styles include classic suit buttons with a shiny or matte finish, embossed metal coat buttons, standard pant buttons, leather suit buttons, fabric-covered tuxedo buttons, and many more. Need to replace a missing button? You're sure to find an excellent replacement coat button, suit button, or jacket button here. Browse all of our available Pant, Suit, and Coat Buttons at WAWAK to get started. 




Frequently Asked Questions About Pant Buttons, Suit Buttons & Coat Buttons

What buttons are most commonly used for suits?

For suit jackets and pants, standard black pant buttons like our standard Shiny Finish or Matte Finish Pant/Overcoat/Suit buttons are a common choice.


Do you carry buttons for tuxedos?

We offer several styles of fabric-covered buttons for tuxedos, including satin-covered Tuxedo Buttons or Grosgrain Tuxedo Buttons.