Marking Pens, Pencils & Markers


Marking Pens for Fabrics and Craft Materials.

When it's time to mark your measurements, placement, or designs onto your fabric, you want a tool that makes precise, visible marks. WAWAK Sewing Supplies has all the Marking Pens, Pencils, and Markers you need to help you do just that. Whether you’re outlining designs, taking precise measurements, transferring pattern markings, or marking the placement of design elements, we’ve got just the marking tool for you—no matter what fabric you’re using. Choose from Disappearing, Erasable, Permanent, Temporary (chalk), and Water Soluble fabric marking tools to find the right match for your project and fabric.

Marks from Disappearing Ink Pens are the quickest and easiest to remove. The ink fades on its own after about 24 hours, making these a great choice for projects that can be finished quickly, like smaller embroidery projects. Erasable, Temporary, and Water Soluble fabric markings last longer, but can be easily removed by ironing, washing, or brushing off the fabric, depending on the specific style of the markings. For fabric markings that cannot be removed, try out our Permanent marking pens and pencils. Be sure to test any marking tool before use to see how it interacts with your fabric.