Sewing Scissors & Shears


Sewing Scissors & Fabric Shears for Effortless Fabric Cutting.

Looking for a new set of sewing scissors? Find the perfect set of blades for clean, effortless fabric cutting from our large selection of Scissors and Shears at WAWAK Sewing Supplies. We carry scissors from all the top brands: Gingher, Bohin, Fiskars, Havel’s, Kai, Mundial, Wiss, and many more. Plus, our sewing scissors and fabric shears are available in styles suited for every sewing application, from applique to upholstery. Choose a pair of Dressmaker Shears with extra-long blades for cutting long swaths of fabric, or try jagged-edged pinking shears to prevent woven fabrics from fraying. For working with embroidery threads, see our selection of embroidery scissors. Need scissors for craft materials and applique? We’ve got those too. And of course, don’t forget to browse our large selection of standard sewing scissors with sharp blades and comfortable handles. Shop all sewing scissors at WAWAK to see which pair will make the cut!