N.B.T. Waxed Silamide Skein - Tex 23 - 675 yds. - Army Green

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Threads for finest sewers and designers.

Waxed silamide skeins are used to replace silk thread for hand sewing. It is a soft thread with wax and a little silicone. Tex 23 and Size A. 675 yards per skein. Available in a variety of colors. Please note: actual colors may vary from picture due to computer setting variances.


  • Replaces silk thread for hand sewing
  • Soft thread
  • Made with wax and a little silicone
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Tex 23
  • Size A

Product Specifications

Brand: NBT
Units: Each
Size / Dimension: 675 yds
Material: Polyamide
Would this be a suitable substitute for the tire/clover brand silk thread used in couture sewing for basting stitch lines? It would need to be thin & slippery enough to be removed after the seam is sewn w/ the machine.
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Yes, that would be a very good application for this type of thread.
Lisa P.
  • logologo Staff
I like to use shell and mother of pearl buttons, and the holes have sharp edges that saw through my thread. Is silamide a good button thread?
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Yes, and it tends to be more abrasion resistant.
Lisa P.
  • logologo Staff
How do you use salimide thread?
Pamela R.
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This thread replaces silk thread used in the production on fine men's clothing. To use: Break off the end of the cardboard envelope. Cut the exposed loop end of the skein and pull out 1 strand of thread at a time for hand sewing.
Lisa P.
  • logologo Staff

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October 14, 2020
Good thread but too much in a pack

I do like the finish on this thread, the fact that it remains straight and smooth with no spool, and the precut pieces at an useful length. For the little I hand sew however, the packages are far too much in both quantity and price. 200m each would be more than enough for me, or a sample variety pack.

Thank you for your review.
Lisa P.
  • logologo Staff
July 22, 2020
Its nice

Its nice but since the picture was not there I just had to trust what steel grey would look like. Its not quite the colour I wanted but it is what it is.