YKK #4.5 Metal Upholstery Zipper Sliders - 100/Pack - Aluminum

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Premium Pro-Line YKK Zippers.

#4.5 aluminum replacement sliders for upholstery zippers features a cam lock slider. 100 per pack.


  • Replacement zipper sliders
  • Allows for quick repairs

Product Specifications

Brand: YKK®
Units: 100/Pack
Material: Aluminum
Zipper Sliders | Replacement Zipper Sliders | YKK Zipper Sliders

Zipper Sliders For Every Zipper

Find the perfect Zipper Slider to match your style of zipper with our selection of Zipper Sliders. Replacement zipper sliders are great for fixing broken zippers, installing a slider on a new zipper, and to have on hand for quick repairs. Choose from replacement zipper sliders for plastic, metal, or nylon coil zippers. Available in one-way, two-way, and reversible styles and a variety of sizes.

What Size Zipper Slider Do I Need | Sizes of Replacement Zipper Sliders | YKK Zipper Sliders

What Size Zipper Slider Do I Need?

If replacing an old zipper slider, check the back of the previous slider for the size—it will often appear as a number or number-letter combination stamped on the back of the zipper slide. For example, 8 or 8C on the back of a YKK Zipper Slider would indicate a #8 zipper. If there is no visible zipper size or you don’t have a slider to reference, measure the width of the zipper teeth when closed. The width in millimeters corresponds to the zipper’s size. For example, zipper teeth that are 5 mm across would be a #5 zipper. If the measurement is not exact, round to the closest possible zipper size. Be sure to match the style and material of the replacement slider to the zipper as well to ensure the slider fits properly and is functional.

How to Replace a Zipper Slider | Replacement Zipper Sliders | YKK Zipper Sliders

How To Replace A Zipper Slider

Many common zipper problems can be resolved by replacing the zipper slider. To replace a broken zipper slider, remove the top stop with a pair of pliers or nippers. Remove the old slider and slide on the replacement zipper slider, making sure that the “nose” section of the slide faces outward. Run the slide back and forth a few times to ensure that it’s functioning correctly, then replace the top stop with a new one and crimp it with pliers to hold it in place.

What is the difference between stock# ZS45MAL100 and stock# ZS45MAL YKK #4.5 Metal Zipper Sliders?
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Hello, the difference is the quantity. The ZS45MAL is sold in 100 packs, and the ZS45MAL is sold in 10 packs. Thanks for checking.
Lisa P.
  • logologo Staff

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