Bobbin For Brother #B836, B837, B872, B875, B882

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Bobbins for professionals.

Change thread fast with these metal bobbins. Fits Able model LT2-220BF, fits Artisan model 4400RB, fits Brother models B836, B837, B872, B875 and B882, fits Consew models 125, 327RB and 328RB, fits Juki models LU-563, LU-563-3, LU-1508, LU-1510, LU-1560, LU-1565, LUH-521, LUH-526 and LH class large hook machines, fits Mitsubishi models DN-260-22, DN-262, DN-265-22, DN-267, DN-275-20, DU-100-22, DU-102, DU-105-22, DU-107, DU-120-22, DU-122, DU-125-22, LU2-400 and LU2-410, fits Nakajima models 241L, 480L, 481L and 482L, fits Nitaka models B872, B875, B935, B1685 and B1885, fits Seiko models LPW-27BLK, LPW-28BLK, LSW-26BL, LSW-27BLC, LSW-27BLK, LSW-28BLC and LSW-28BLK, fits Singer models 211G351, 211G357, 211G358, 211G465, 211G466, 211G557, 211G558, 211G566, 211G765, 211G766 and 211U566, fits SunStar models KM-560, KM-740, KM2-740 and KM2-740BL, fits Taking models TK-872 and TK-875 and fits Yakumo models 481L and 482L.


  • Fits select machines
  • Metal

Product Specifications

Brand: WAWAK
Units: Each
Material: Metal

Plastic Bobbins vs. Metal Bobbins

plastic bobbins

Plastic Bobbins

Plastic Bobbins are lightweight and convenient for fast sewing. Plastic bobbins should be used with a bobbin case created for plastic bobbins; be sure to check your sewing machine’s manual to find which material is best suited for your machine. For best results, avoid switching between metal and plastic bobbins to maintain consistent thread tension.


metal bobbins

Metal Bobbins

Metal Bobbins and Cases are durable and long lasting. For best results, a metal bobbin should be used with a metal bobbin case—be sure to check your sewing machine’s manual to find out which bobbin material is best suited for your machine. Avoid switching between plastic and metal bobbins to maintain consistent thread tension.

bobbin styles & sizing

Bobbin Styles & Sizing

There are many different styles of bobbins and bobbin cases in use on sewing machines today, all slightly different in shape, size, and weight. Unfortunately, different classes of sewing machine bobbins are not interchangeable, so be sure to use a bobbin and case in the same class or style as your machine requires. A few common styles of thread bobbins and cases include Class 15, L Style, and M Style. Different sewing machines require different bobbins even within the same brand of sewing machine, so be sure to consult your owner’s manual to know which bobbin is applicable to your machine, or feel free contact us with questions.

Will this work with a Brother PR1055X?
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Hello, it looks like the BOB-2 are supposed to be a match. Thanks for checking.
Lisa P.
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