Snap Source 24L Grip-It Capped Prong Snaps - 10/Pack - Black

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Snap fasteners are the perfect finishing touch to any project.

Grip-It capped prong snaps are a solid circle of color to give the look of a button. Size 24L (5/8"). Includes the color cap plus the silver socket, stud and back ring. Available in a variety of colors. Use Grip-It snap tool (PLR-50) and SnapSetter tool adapter base to apply.


  • Gives the appearance of a button
  • Includes caps, socket, stud and back ring
  • Apply with Grip-It snap tool and SnapSetter tool adapter base
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Made of nickel

Product Specifications

Brand: Snap Source
Units: 10/Pack
Size / Dimension: 24L
Material: Nickel
Additional Information:
How do I know what size snap I currently have so I can re-order?
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Compare the top of the snap to our button size chart in our catalog to determine if you need size 15L,20L, etc.
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