Assorted Sew-On Snaps Tray - 420/Tray

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Snaps for just about every need.

Sew-on snaps are used to hold overlapping edges together. Snaps can be washed and will not rust. Tray contains 18 compartments and measures 8" L x 4 1/4" W. The inside cover of the tray makes it easy to reorder only the snaps needed. Contains 30 black size 0, 30 nickel size 0, 40 black size 00, 40 nickel size 00, 40 black size 000, 40 nickel size 000, 48 black 0000, 48 nickel size 0000, 4 black size 10, 4 nickel size 10, 24 black size 1, 24 nickel size 1, 8 black size 3, 8 nickel size 3, 16 black size 4 and 16 nickel size 4.


  • Quick and easy closure
  • Fastens garments
  • 420 total snaps
  • Contains a variety of colors
  • Contains a variety of sizes
  • Made from metal

Product Specifications

Brand: WAWAK
Units: 420/Tray
Size / Dimension: Assorted
Material: Metal
Additional Information:
Sew On Snap Buttons | Snap Buttons | Snaps

Sew-On Snap Buttons for the Perfect Finish

Use Sew-On Snap Buttons on children’s clothes, garments, bags, and more for an easy-to-install and easy-to use snap closure. Snaps, also sometimes called press studs or press snaps, are best used for overlapping closures: button-front shirts, jackets, children’s clothes, device cases, bags, and more. Sew-On Snaps can be easily installed by sewing through the outer loops, so there is no need for a snap tool to install them. Sewing snaps are available in a variety of colors and sizes, as well as assorted packs.

Types of Snap Buttons

Snap On Buttons | Snap Buttons | Snaps

Snap Buttons

Standard sewing snaps, used for garments, bags, and more. They are available in a variety of styles, from heavy duty to decorative. Snap fasteners require a snap tool to install; be sure to check that your style of snaps are compatible with your snap tool.


Sew On Snap Buttons | Snap Buttons | Snaps

Sew-On Snap Buttons

Sew-on snaps can be easily attached by sewing, so there is no snap tool required to install. They are available in plastic and metal varieties.


Magnetic Snap Buttons | Snap Buttons | Snaps

Magnetic Snaps

Magnetic snap closures are used to secure openings on purses, handbags, and totes. They can be sewn in or easily installed; no snap tool required. Available in several styles including hidden, pronged, and sew-on.


Snap Tape | Snap Buttons | Snaps

Snap Tape

Snap Tape is cotton tape with a row of metal snaps that can be easily sewn. Ideal for infant clothing, shirt closures, pillows, and duvet covers. No snap tool required to install. Sew into a garment or other project using a zipper foot and pre-shrink before using.

Metal Snap Buttons | Plastic Snap Buttons | Snaps

Metal or Plastic Sew-On Snap Buttons?

Sew-on Snap Buttons are available in plastic or metal varieties. Which variety of snap closure is best for your projects is mainly a matter of personal design and preference. Plastic Snaps offer a slightly more lightweight look and feel for this snap closure, and are often used for lighter fabrics on garments like children’s clothes and lightweight blouses or bags. Both are easy to install and easy to use. Plastic snaps should not be touched directly with an iron.

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