OLFA Utility Cutters - Heavy Duty - 18mm

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OLFA is committed to practical and safe hand-held cutting tools.

Don't waste a second or ruin fabric with dull blades. Snap the old one off and a sharp new one is ready to use. Available in standard, multi-purpose and heavy-duty designs. The Olfa standard cutter (CUT-6) allows you to adjust the knife for custom depths using its ratchet lock mechanism. The light-weight design makes it easy to use and easy to store. It can cut through tape, cardboard, packaging, shrink wrap, vinyl, window film, wallpaper, caulking, foam board and other materials. Use CUT-60 or CUT-210 for replacement blades. The Olfa multi-purpose standard cutter (CUT-21) is ideal for light-duty cutting jobs. Features a sturdy metal handle designed for control and comfort, slide-lock blade positioning, pocket clip and built in blade snapper. Easy to switch out a new blade and the blade has 13 snappable razors. Use either our CUT-60 or CUT-210 for replacement blades. The Olfa heavy-duty cutter (CUT-7) features a ratchet-lock mechanism that gives you unlimited blade positions. It has a double -honed blade for sharpness and edge retention. Perfect for heavier materials. Use CUT-70 for replacement blades.


  • Easy to replace blade
  • Replacement blades available
  • Steel blade

Product Specifications

Brand: Olfa
Units: Each
Material: Steel/ ABS

Single-Edge Crafting Knives & Razor Blades


Crafting and Precision Knives

Precision knives are lightweight and ergonomic, designed to give you precise control while making small cuts. These extra sharp crafting knives, including X-ACTO Knives, are ideal for cutting intricate details on lightweight fabrics, paper, cloth, and other light craft materials. They can also be used to rip seams with some fabric and stitch applications.


Single-edge razor blades

Straight-edge Razor Blades are industrial strength and very sharp cutting tools. They are often used for cutting upholstery, opening buttonholes, and seam ripping for certain fabric and stitch applications.


Olfa UTILITY Cutters

Olfa Utility Cutters cut quickly and easily through fabric and craft materials. Durable and long-lasting utility knives designed to give you control while cutting.

industrial strength single edge razor blades

Industrial Strength Single-Edge Blades

Choose from a selection of extra-sharp sewing and crafting knives and single-edge blades for all of your cutting and trimming needs. From X-ACTO knives to Olfa Standard Cutters and straight-edge razor blades, these extra-sharp razors, cutters, and crafting knives help you make clean cuts quickly and with total control. Razor blades of any kind are very sharp and should always be used with caution. For best results, replace your blade as soon as it shows signs of becoming dull, such as requiring extra force to use.