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For more than 100 years, WAWAK has been supplying the Thread needs of professionals and home sewers. We have one of the world’s largest inventory of top-quality Threads from the leading manufacturers. Whatever Thread you need for your projects, we’ve got it. And we have it at low prices. Plus, if you need expert advice on Thread use, we’re always here to help.

Our Thread selection is extensive! We carry 100% Mercerized Thread, Basting Thread, Bonded #33 Nylon Thread, Button Thread, Coats famous Dual Duty XP Thread,  Cotton/Polyester Thread,  Embroidery Thread, Crochet Thread and more. All the top brands, including Gutermann Thread, Maxi-Lock, Mettler’s Metrosene Threads,  Chandler Button Machine Thread and more!

We also carry a wide selection of specialty Threads, including Gutermann Metallic Thread, Gutermann Silk Thread, Gutermann Tera 40 Upholstery Thread, Gutermann Top Stitch and Button Hole Mara 70 Threads, Jean Thread, Poly Wrapped Tex 30 Thread, Rice Silamide Spools, Spun Poly Threads, even Nomex Fire Retardant Threads and Gunold Embroidery Thread!

And that’s just the beginning! We’ve got Wooly Nylon Serging Threads, Wax Threads, Serafil Blind Stitch and Serging Threads, Nylon Bonded Thread, even the hot new Maxi-Lock Swirls and Stretch Threads!  Need Honi Blind Stitch Thread? We’ve got that too! Plus, we offer Button Hole Twist Thread and Cotton Quilting Machine Thread!

WAWAK is your Thread superstore! Enjoy one of the industry’s most exhaustive inventories! Need help? Call or click! We’re here to help.

Shop Products Now:
100% Mercerized Cotton Thread Assorted Thread Packs
Basting Thread Blind Stitch Thread
Bonded #33 Nylon Thread Button Hole Twist Thread
Button Thread Chandler Button Machine Thread
Coats Cotton Machine Quilting Thread Coats Dual Duty Button Thread
Coats Dual Duty Plus® Denim Thread Coats Dual Duty Plus® Hand Quilting Thread
Coats Dual Duty Plus® Jean Thread Coats Dual Duty XP® Thread
Coats Outdoor Polyester Thread Coats SureLock® Serging Thread
Coats Trilobal Polyester Thread Coats Xtra Strong Nylon Upholstery Thread
Cotton Quilting Machine Thread Cotton/Polyester Thread Dual Duty
Crochet Thread Elastic Thread
Embroidery Thread Gunold® Embroidery Thread
Gütermann Agreman Gimp Buttonhole Thread Gütermann Blind Stitch Thread
Gütermann E 382 Textured Thread Gütermann Jean Thread
Gütermann Lite Upholstery Thread Gütermann Mara 100 Large Spool Thread
Gütermann Mara 100 Thread Gütermann Mara 120 Polyester Thread
Gütermann Mara 220 Thread Gütermann Silk Buttonhole Thread
Gütermann Silk Thread Gütermann Tera 40 Upholstery Thread
Gütermann Top Stitch/Button Hole Mara 30 Thread Gütermann Top Stitch/Button Hole Mara 70 Thread
Gütermann Top Stitch/Button Hole Thread Honi Blind Stitch Thread
Jean Top Stitching Tex 60 Thread Jean Top Stitching Tex 80 Thread
Madeira Incredible Threadable Embroidery Box Maxi-Lock® Stretch Thread
Maxi-Lock® Swirl Thread Maxi-Lock® Thread
Metallic Thread Mettler® Metrosene® Thread
Nomex® Fire Retardant Thread Nylon Bonded Thread
Poly Wrapped Tex 30 Thread Poly Wrapped Tex 40 Thread
Polyester Assorted Thread Packs Rice Silamide Spools
Saba C Polyester Wrapped Thread Serafil Blind Stitch & Serging Thread
Spun Poly Thread Sulky® Rayon Thread
Sulky® Spun Poly Thread Sunguard Bonded Polyester Thread
Tex 40 Cotton & Polyester Thread Thread Racks
Transparent Polyester Thread Upholstery Thread
Wax Thread Woolly Nylon Serging Thread

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