Elastic Button Loops W/ 1" Spacing - 1/2" x 12" - Black

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Button Loops Spacing

Button Loops With 1/4 Inch Spacing

1/4 " Button Loops Spacing

For buttons placed very closely together, try Button Loops with ¼ inch spacing. Available in Elastic or Non-Elastic.

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Button Loops With 1/2 Inch Spacing

1/2 " Button Loops Spacing

Choose from elastic or non-elastic Button Loops with ½ inch spacing between loops.

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Button Loops With 1 Inch Spacing

1" Button Loops Spacing

Our widest Button Loops spacing option with loops spaced one inch apart along the trim header.

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Button Loops | Button Loop Trim

Button Loops For Exquisite Gown Closures

Our exquisite Button Loops look beautiful on gowns, corsets, and other fine garments. Commonly used for the backs of bridal gowns, Button Loops not only save you time but also add a beautiful, sophisticated touch to garment closures. Use Button Loops alongside a row of buttons to create a functional, elegant closure without the hassle of sewing buttonholes. Find the perfect fit for any gown style; different options are available for button loop sizes, spacing between loops, colors, and elastic or non-elastic material.

Non-Elastic Vs. Elastic Button Loops

Elastic Button Loops For Bridal Gowns and Wedding Dresses

Elastic Button Loops

Button loops trim featuring elastic loops attached to a non-elastic polyester header. Available in several colors and a variety of sizes.

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Non-Elastic Button Loops For Bridal Gowns and Wedding Dresses

Non-Elastic Button Loops

Ready-to-use non-elastic button loops. The loops are made of non-elastic polyester; choose from elastic or non-elastic trim headers.  

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