YKK #5 20" Brass Jacket Zipper - Light Grey

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Premium Pro-Line YKK Zippers.

YKK #5 brass one-way zippers are ideal for use on jackets. Features a tooth size of 5 (5 mm), tooth color is gold, 1 3/16" top extension and the slider has an automatic lock. Available in a variety of colors and lengths. Please note: actual colors may vary from picture due to computer setting variances. YKK is a registered trademark of YKK Corporation in Japan and other countries/regions.


  • Separating zipper
  • Ideal for jackets
  • Tape is made of polyester
  • Automatic lock slider

Product Specifications

Brand: YKK
Units: Each
Material: Brass Teeth, Polyester Tape
Size / Dimension: 20" L x 1 3/16" W
Additional Information:
Brass Jacket Zippers on Wooden Work Table in Different Colors

Brass Zippers Ideal for Jackets and More

A decorative and durable element for any jacket, light coat, hoodie, or other garment, YKK and Italian Made Brass Jacket Zippers are the ideal choice for your next sewing project. These metal jacket zippers feature a sleek gold-colored finish on the teeth and zipper pull. Choose from one-way, two-way and reversible styles in a range of sizes of these brass separating (open end) zippers.

Brass Jacket Zippers Available in 4 Tooth Sizes

YKK Brass Jacket Zipper in Black Size 3 Zipper Teeth

#3 Brass Zippers

YKK #3 Brass Jacket Zippers are our most lightweight separating zippers, suitable for garments like children’s jackets and clothing, robes, or lightweight jackets and sportswear. Available in one-way separating (open end) style.


YKK Brass Jacket Zipper in Black Size 5 Zipper Teeth

#5 Brass Zippers

YKK and Italian Made #5 Brass Jacket Zippers are standard-sized jacket zippers suitable for a wide range of garments. They are ideal for use on most jackets, vests, parkas, or hoodies. Versatile medium-weight separating zippers. Choose from one-way, two-way, and reversible open end styles.


Italian Made Brass Jacket Zipper in Black Size 8 Zipper Teeth

#8 Brass Zippers

Italian Made #8 Brass Jacket Zippers are heavier jacket zippers, ideal for coats, leather jackets, and other heavy jackets. Heavier than a standard jacket zipper, but not as large as an extra-heavy zipper. Available in one-way separating (open end) style.


YKK Brass Jacket Zipper in Black Size 10 Zipper Teeth

#10 Brass Zippers

YKK and Italian Made #10 Brass Jacket Zippers are our heaviest-weight jacket zippers, ideal for outdoor gear or coats and jackets with particularly heavy material. Choose from one-way or two-way styles of these heavy weight separating (open end) zippers.

Brass Zipper Styles One-Way, Two-Way, Reversible

Choosing the Right Zipper Style for your Jacket

Our YKK Jacket Zippers are available in three styles: One-Way, Two-Way, and Reversible. One-Way Zippers are the standard style of jacket zipper; they open at the top and have one slider. These are a great choice for any jacket, vest, or coat. For added comfort, a Two-Way Zipper may also be a good choice—Two-Way Jacket Zippers have two sliders so they can be opened from the bottom or the top, which can make walking or sitting more comfortable, especially in outdoor wear. On a Reversible Jacket Zipper, the zipper pull can be flipped over to the other side of the zipper tape, allowing it to be operated from either the front or back sides of the zipper. Reversible zippers are mainly used for reversible coats.

Sewing Metal Zippers

Sewing with Metal Zippers

Working with YKK metal zippers (or any other brand zipper) can be intimidating if you’ve never used them before. Here are few easy tips that will make working with metal zippers much more approachable. When installing a metal zipper, like the full line of YKK zippers we carry, it’s important to be very cautious with your sewing machine needle—be sure to use a zipper foot and don’t be afraid to hand crank your machine to ensure that you don’t run into the metal teeth. If you find that metal zipper starts sticking, use a zipper lubricant and run the zipper back and forth multiple times to get it moving smoothly.