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Zipper End Nippers


Brand: YKK®

Item #: ZPL2

Sold as: Each

  • Indispensable Tool for Repairing Zippers
  • Drop Forged, Heat Treated, Fully Polished & Matted Grips
  • 4-1/2" Long
  • Cut or Shorten Zippers
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Perfect for fast zipper repairs, these superb End Nippers are great for cutting zippers that may be slightly too long. Comfort-grip handles. Easy to open and close. If you have ever tried to repair or shorten a zipper without the right tools, you'll appreciate this nipper. Use it to pull off unwanted teeth. The return spring action makes repetitive motion easy, while its rubber coated handles give you a sure grip. This tool can also be handy in jewelry making or for household repairs.

Zipper Tipper: Shortening A Zipper (Closed bottom or Separating style) For home sewers, zippers are only made in a limited size range. There may not be a zipper available in the same size as the one that needs to be replaced. Here’s a quick primer on how to shorten a zipper.

1. Mark the desired length of the zipper on the tape. Measure from the bottom stop.

2. Remove the teeth for 1 inch above the mark. The tools and method will depend on the zipper type: For metal zippers, use the nippers to and cut and or pull each tooth. For plastic zipper teeth, use the nippers horizontally to cut off the "head" of the tooth. Then snip the remaining plastic from the zipper tape. For coil zippers, use small scissors to trim the coil parallel to the tape. Then use the scissor tip or an awl to remove the loops from the zipper tape.

3. After removing the teeth by any method, add new top stops with needle nose pliers. (If you want to match the color on your top stop, you can use nail polish or model paint before you attach it.) Use a soft cloth to cover the pliers' teeth and protect the stop's finish.

Trim an invisible zipper
An invisible zipper is designed to have the zipper pull sit on the top stop when the zipper is fully closed. The top stops are molded into the zipper and cannot be replaced, so these closures must be shortened from the bottom. Measure the zipper's length. From the teeth top, mark it 2 inches longer than the zipper opening it must fit. Cut off the excess.

Then you need to secure the bottom teeth, and there are several ways to do so:
Melt the teeth with a lighter or hot knife. Wrap the bottom edge with a scrap of lining. (I call this the zipper diaper. It is used on high-end ready-to-wear skirts). Bar-tack across the bottom using a wide zigzag stitch.
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That was great instructions on zipper repair. Do you have a video tutorial?

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Please write a review and tell other customers about your shopping experience! if you could share something about the product you purchased, what would it be?
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