WAWAK Perform-X Cotton Wrapped Poly Core Thread - Tex 80 - 6,000 yds. - Beige

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Threads for finest sewers and designers.

This super strong Tex 80 thread is specifically designed for jean and top stitching. Material is made of a cotton wrapped polyester blend. Available in a variety of colors. Please note: actual color may vary from picture due to computer setting variances.


  • Specifically designed for jean and top stitching
  • Tex 80
  • 6,000 yds.
  • Super strong

Product Specifications

Brand: Perform-X
Units: Each
Size / Dimension: 6,000 yds., TEX 80
Material: Cotton Wrap Poly Blend
The Ideal Thread for Sewing Jeans and More

The Ideal Thread for Sewing Jeans and More

Looking for a quality durable thread with strength and luster? Look no further than our Cotton-Polyester sewing threads. Cotton-Poly sewing threads contain a polyester core wrapped in a cotton casing, giving these threads the heat tolerance and natural finish of cotton plus the sewability and strength of polyester. Because of their strength and natural finish, Cotton-Polyester threads are a popular choice for jean topstitching and other decorative and functional seams. Cotton-Polyester sewing thread is available in a variety of colors and weights.

Cotton-Polyester Sewing Thread Weights

Cotton, Polyester or Blend?

Cotton, Polyester or Blend?

Which type of thread is best for your sewing projects? Cotton thread is highly sewable and has a natural finish, as well as heat resistance. It doesn’t have a lot of stretch, however, so it is best for woven fabrics like cotton or linen. Cotton Threads are commonly used in quilting. Polyester Thread has extra strength and stretch, so it is especially suited to knit or stretch fabrics like jersey. Cotton/Polyester Threads possess the best qualities of each, with the durability and stretch of polyester plus the natural look and sewability of cotton, making them a great choice for a wider range of fabrics, and very popular for working with denim.

Can this thread or the Tex 60 weight be used in a domestic machine? I have been using the Gutterman Mara 70 Tex 40 for the construction of my bags. I am questioning if I need something a little stronger. Thanks!
Karen R.
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Hello. Generally speaking, a home or domestic machine can handle threads up to a tex 70. Thanks for your question.
Lisa P.
  • logologo Staff
What color is closest to Levi's denim topstitched gold? Thanks in advance!
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Hello. We actually call the color you are looking for "Levi Gold", it's a very popular colored thread. Thanks for your question.
Lisa P.
  • logologo Staff

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