Maxi-Lock Swirls Serger Spun Polyester Thread - Tex 27 - 3,000 yds. - #57 Blue Water Ice

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Maxi-Lock swirls features variegated colors and can be used for home decorating, garment construction, embellishment or quilting. 100% spun polyester thread. The average length before color changes is 15". Tex 27 with 3,000 yards per spool. Available in a variety of colors. Please note: actual colors may vary from picture due to computer setting variances.


  • 100% polyester
  • Variegated
  • Ideal for decorative applications
  • Tex 27

Product Specifications

Brand: Maxi-Lock
Units: Each
Material: Polyester
Size / Dimension: 3,000 yds., TEX 27


Maxi-Lock Thread is available in three styles: Maxi-Lock Serger Thread, Maxi-Lock Swirls Thread and Maxi-Lock Stretch Thread. The Standard and Swirls varieties are both 100% polyester, making them the perfect all-purpose choice for a wide variety of hems, edges, seams, and finishes – even on lightweight fabric. Maxi-Lock Swirls Serger Thread is variegated and the perfect choice for adding a bit of colorful flair to any decorative edge, quilt, or overlock embellishment. Maxi-Lock Stretch Thread is the heaviest variety, and its textured nylon lends a softness and stretch that is perfect for softer projects like knits, swimsuits, athletic wear, or children’s clothing.

Maxi-Lock Serger Thread is available in 76 colors, which means you can expect to find the perfect shade to match any fabric. A quality thread in no uncertain terms, Maxi-Lock All Purpose Thread is the best-selling serger thread available today.


Maxi-Lock 100% Polyester Serging Thread

What's the difference between serger thread and sewing thread?

Serger thread, like this 100% polyester Maxi-Lock All Purpose Thread, meets the demands of an overlock machine. It withstands the high speeds and tensions that are unique to serging with ease. The texture of serger thread is smoother than sewing thread, too. This allows the thread to move through the machine at high speeds, and the smooth, consistent texture makes maintaining thread tension a breeze. Plus, it prevents excessive shedding or fraying. Choose from 3,000 yds. or 6,000 yds. cones in a variety of colors.