WAWAK Perform-X Cotton Wrapped Poly Core Thread - Tex 80 - 6,000 yds. - Beige

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Threads for finest sewers and designers.

This super strong Tex 80 thread is specifically designed for jean and top stitching. Material is made of a cotton wrapped polyester blend. Available in a variety of colors. Please note: actual color may vary from picture due to computer setting variances.


  • Specifically designed for jean and top stitching
  • Tex 80
  • 6,000 yds.
  • Super strong
  • Cotton wrapped poly core
  • Cotton feel with strength of polyester

Product Specifications

Brand: Perform-X
Units: Each
Material: Cotton Wrap Poly Blend
Size / Dimension: 6,000 yds., TEX 80

Denim Topstitching Thread Weights

Denim Thread Tex40

Tex 40 Jean Thread

Lightweight Jean Topstitching Threads for lightweight denims and dense fabrics. Creates a very lightweight topstitch appearance; great for decorative topstitching.

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Jean Thread Tex 60

Tex 60 Jean Thread

Standard Jean Topstitching Threads with a medium-weight topstitch appearance. Ideal for most denim sewing applications.

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Jean Thread Tex 80

Tex 80 Jean Thread

Heavy Jean Topstitching threads, great for creating a slightly thicker, bolder topstitch on denim or other dense fabrics. The most popular choice for topstitching.

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Poly Core Thread Designed for Denim Sewing

Poly Core Thread Designed for Denim Sewing

The perfect pair of jeans starts with the perfect thread. WAWAK Perform-X Jean and Topstitching Cotton Wrapped Poly Core Threads are designed specifically for jeans and denim top stitching. The thread’s polyester core gives it durability and flexibility, while the outer cotton layer provides the soft, natural look and feel of cotton. Perform-X Jean Threads are perfect for hemming or repairing jeans, garment construction, and topstitching on denim or other dense fabrics. Available in a variety of colors.

Cotton/Polyester vs. Polyester Thread

Cotton/Polyester Thread

Cotton-Wrapped Polyester Core threads with a natural finish. The thread colors will “wash down” and wear along with the denim for a more natural look. More heat resistant than polyester threads.

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Polyester Thread

Polyester-Wrapped Polyester Core threads are stronger and a bit more flexible than cotton/polyester threads. Less likely to fray or break, and smoother and more uniform in appearance.

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