Schmetz Size 8 Regular Point Machine Needles - 16x231 & 16x257 - 10/Pack

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Professional brand name needles.

Schmetz straight stitch needles are available in regular. The regular needles feature a sharper tip and can be used on a variety of applications. Machine Make and Model #: Brother 524, B652, B763, B755-3, Consew 100, 101, 207, 210, 215, 216, 217, 220, 230, Juki DDL, 201, 227, 5530, 5500, 8300, 8500, Singer 95-10, 96-10, 96-80, 103K, 188K-1, 188-U, 196K, 19-10, 19-32, 44, 241-12. Needle systems: 16x231, 16x257, 16x87, 16x95, TBx1, 1647, SY2055, DBx1, DBx257, DBx1738, 1738, SY2270, 13017, SY2254. Available in a variety of sizes . 10 per package.


  • Available in a variety of sizes
  • Straight stitch needles
  • Regular

Product Specifications

Brand: Schmetz®
Units: 10/Pack
Size / Dimension: #8
Material: Metal
Where can I find stretch sewing needles for industrial sewing machine?
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If this is the needle system and brand of needle you are interested in, the Schmetz ball point (SMNB162*) are a needles used on stretch materials.
Lisa P.
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Schmetz has now come with a new color coded needle identification system…
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Below you will see there will now be 2 colored lines. The first will identify the type of needle (Leather, Jean, Regular) the second will tell the size. Remember this is for Schmetz brand only, but it may help define what needle a customer is looking for.
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