Organ Size 00 Regular Point Machine Needles - 251 Long - 5/Pack

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Professional brand name needles.

Organ regular blind stitch (curved) needles feature a sharper tip and can be used on a variety of applications. Machine Make and Model #: Consew 1099, Premier 817, U.S. Blindstitch 78, 508, 518, 538, 548, 718, 1099, 1188. Needle systems: 251 Long, LWx5T, 29-C-300LG, 251LG, SY7425, SYS3690. Available in a variety of sizes. 5 per package.


  • Available in a variety of sizes
  • Blind stitch (curved) needles
  • Regular

Product Specifications

Brand: Organ®
Units: 5/Pack
Size / Dimension: Size 00 Regular
Material: Chrome-Plated Metal
Why use a regular blindstitch needle when it seems that a ballpoint works very well with knits, wovens and stretch?
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Traditionally, the regular tipped needles are used for wovens, and the ballpoints are used on knits and stretch materials.
Lisa P.
  • logologo Staff
What is the best size thread for the size 10 needle?
Kim K.
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Hello! You could use a tex 18-27 thread size. For your convenience, we have added a thread size to needle size chart under "additional information" on the needle and thread pages. Thanks for your question.
Lisa P.
  • logologo Staff

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