HÖT-STEAM Electric Gravity-Fed Iron #SGB-900

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Our Most popular gravity-fed iron!

The Hot Steam SGB-900 steam electric Iron comes complete with a water bottle, 6.5' silicone hose, extra plunger assembly, spring, iron rest, resin, 9 foot power cord, 110 volt power and iron shoe. No need for a Lowboy or boiler. Features an electric micro-switch and temperature control for dependable operation as well as a dual resin filter system. The sole plate is hard anodized aluminum with 10 went holes. Uses standard electrical outlet and tap water. Iron weight is 4.5 pounds. Manufacturers warranty applies. Use iron shoe TF1004 or TFP1004. Iron should not be left unattended while on.


  • Electric micro-switch
  • Temperature control
  • Includes water bottle, hose, iron rest, resin and iron shoe
  • Also comes with a spring and sole plate
  • Does not require a lowboy or boiler

Product Specifications

Brand: Hot Steam
Units: Each
Material: Various
Size / Dimension: 8" L x 3 1/8" W, 4.5 lbs.
Additional Information:
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