Double Coated Non-Stick Iron Shoe For Reliable (TFP10)

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Our iron shoe goes through a special bonding process which eliminates bubbling. Thanks to our unique aluminum inner liner and fully open holes, this iron shoe evenly distributes steam across the entire ironing surface with minimal pressure. Includes a silicone lining to ensure a snug fit to prevent the shoe from slipping. Available in standard or double coated.


  • Steams more evenly
  • Won't bubble
  • Silicone lining included
  • Double coated are longer lasting

Product Specifications

Brand: WAWAK
Units: Each
Material: Aluminum w/Non-Stick Coating

Ironing Shoe Styles and Sizing

Not sure which Iron Shoe fits your iron? Download the chart below to help you find the perfect fit for your domestic or industrial iron. For most domestic or home irons, the Universal Fit Iron Shoe is a good match; for industrial irons, find the make and model of your iron on our Iron Shoe Chart to find the best possible fit.

VIEW Iron Shoe guide

Protect delicate fabrics with an iron shoe.

Protect Delicate Fabrics with an Iron Shoe

Non-Stick Iron Shoes are a must-have for anyone ironing delicate and sensitive materials. Silk, taffeta, wool, many synthetic fabrics, and other materials can be damaged by direct contact with a hot iron. Prevent shine, scorching, discoloration, or other fabric damage by attaching an iron shoe to the base of your industrial or home iron. Our Iron Shoes are non-stick plastic with an aluminum liner, fully open holes for consistent steaming, and a silicone or felt lining for an optimal fit. Iron Shoes are available in a variety of sizes and styles for industrial or home irons. For industrial irons, double-coated options are also available.

What are double coated ironing shoes?

What are Double Coated Ironing Shoes?

Some styles of industrial iron shoes are available in standard and double coated varieties. Our iron shoes consist of an aluminum liner and a non-stick plastic coating that is bonded rather than glued together to prevent “bubbling”, or separation of the plastic from the liner. Double-Coated Iron Shoes have a second plastic coating, and therefore last longer and are slightly more durable than standard iron shoes.

Would this iron shoe fit for the Reliable 4000is iron?
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Hello! Yes, that shoe will work with that iron. Thanks for checking.
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