Velcro Décor Tape - 6' x 1" - White

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For crafts and home décor.

Sew On and Sticky Back Velcro is used to attach fabrics to hard surfaces. Create easy window treatments and secure fabric wall hangings. Perfect for bed and other skirting projects. Measures 1" x 6'. Available in white (WH) only.


  • Sew on loop with sticky back
  • Sticky back
  • Attach fabric to hard surfaces
  • Perfect for decorating

Product Specifications

Brand: Velcro®
Units: Each
Size / Dimension: 6' L x 1" W
Material: Nylon
sewing hook and loop fasteners

Sewing Hook & Loop Fasteners

To sew Hook and Loop Tape, first cut it to the desired length. You’ll want to use a thicker needle to sew Hook and Loop tape—many people find that a size 14 or 16 needle will work, but be sure to test your needle by piercing a scrap piece of tape to make sure it is strong enough to puncture it. To attach the Hook and Loop Tape, simply sew around the edges (not through the actual hook or loop part of the material) and backstitch to secure.

Sew-On vs. Adhesive Hook and Loop Fasteners

Adhesive Hook & Loop Fasteners

Adhesive Fasteners are easy to apply, as they simply stick to surfaces using an adhesive. Adhesive fasteners are great for smooth surfaces, making them a great choice for crafts, home décor, and sewing room applications.

Sew-On Hook & Loop Fasteners

Sew-On Hook and Loop fasteners have no adhesive and are meant for attaching to fabric. Sew-on tape is great for garments, pouches, handbags and other sewing applications.

hook and loop tape for any project

Hook & Loop Tape For Any Project

Hook and Loop Fasteners are easy to use and easy to apply—a convenient closure for bags, pouches, garments, crafting and sewing room applications, and more. Hook and Loop tape can be used in place of buttons or zippers on certain closures, and can be used to attach a range of surfaces together. Hook and Loop Tape is Machine Washable and Dry-Clean Safe. Available in a variety of styles and sizes.

I want to attach a fabric skirt around an on wall-mounted bathroom sink. Would this be my best option for attaching the fabric to the sink? Also, is my assumption correct that the sticky back (for the sink) will be on the hook and the sew-in (for the fabric) will be the loop? Thanks!
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Thank you for your question! Yes, this would work perfectly fine for that purpose. The sticky back is indeed the hook and would go on the sink and the Sew-in would be the loop and go on the skirt.
Joseph D.
  • logologo Staff

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