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Fabric Care

We specialize in products that help you care for your creations and keep them looking great for years. From fabric glue and adhesives to repair your garments, to a wide assortment of cleaning products that eliminate spots and stains, we’ve got exactly the perfect product for any need. Choose from our popular Fabri-Tac Glue, the industry’s best-selling adhesive, enables you to bond just about any fabric. It’s fast and easy, and dries clear! We also carry the widely popular Sabo Glue along with Gem-Tac glue, which adheres rhinestones, mirrors and other “bling” to virtually any garment. Plus, we offer Fabric Glue Sticks and adhesive sprays for quick-fix tasks. We also carry a fully line of Glue Guns and supplies, for bigger jobs. But that’s just the beginning! We also carry specialty fabric care products such as Liquid Thread for fast hem and seam repairs, June Taylor’s famous Fray Block, which eliminates fraying or threads and seams which occurs after repeated wear! Plus, Barge All-Purpose Cement for just about any purpose!

Keep it clean! You won’t find a wider selection of specialty cleaning and odor-eliminating products anywhere! We offer the amazing Ah! Cleaner, which removes even the toughest smells from any garment! And for tough spots and stains, choose from Suds All-Purpose Cleaner, the industry workhorse, Grandma’s Secret Stain Remover, Magic Wand, Dryel’s best-selling Stain Pen, Jinks Ink for soaked-in ink stains, plus, products that remove blood, coffee, cosmetics and more. Plus, carpet stain removal solutions, dry and powder-based stain agents, even electric stain removal systems. We’ve got it all!