1" - 36" Adhesive Tape Measures - 20 yds./Roll

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Precise measuring tapes.

Measure precisely—in increments of 1/8"—and easily with this adhesive tape measure. Pressure sensitive so it won't move around. Ideal for marking and using on cutting table.


  • Pressure sensitive
  • Use on cutting tables
  • Use for marking
  • Numbers run left to right
  • Made from paper tape

Product Specifications

Brand: WAWAK
Units: Each
Size / Dimension: 20 yds
Material: Adhesive Tape
Accurate Measurements with Measuring Tape

Accurate Measurements with Measuring Tape

Take accurate, readable measurements with a tape measure for sewing. Choose from standard measuring tape, retractable tape measures, and adhesive-backed measuring tape, available in several lengths and styles. Our measuring tapes feature easy-to-read measurements so you can take accurate measurements quickly and easily. Tape measures are available with inch or inch/metric increments.

Tape Measure Styles

Standard Measuring Tape

Our traditional Measuring Tapes for sewing are flexible and accurate, great for tailoring and taking body measurements or other curved measurements. These tape measures are made from fiberglass to ensure that tape does not stretch and markings remain accurate.

Retractable Tape Measures

Retractable Measuring Tapes can be automatically retracted into a protective cover. These measuring tapes are extra compact and portable, and great to take with you anywhere. Choose from fiberglass or metal options.

Adhesive Tape Measures

Adhesive Tape Measures have an adhesive backing, allowing them to be permanently fixed to smooth surfaces. These are great for placing on sewing or cutting tables to use as a ruler or guide when cutting, marking, pattern tracing, and more.

Does it start over again after a yard (36")
Sherrell S.
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Yes, numbers run from left to right and repeat every 36" (1 yard).
Joseph D.
  • logologo Staff
Is a section reusable or does it lose adhesion strength with each application, like with masking tape for example?
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It will start to loose adhesion strength once removed from the original surface it was applied to.
Lisa P.
  • logologo Staff

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