Magnetic Pin Holder - 4 1/8"

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Quality made sewing notions.

The Magnetic Pin Holder has a powerful magnet that it will catch all of your pins without slowing you down. No need to stop working to push pins into a cushion or to pick pins up one by one. Please note that pins are not included.


  • Comes in assorted colors but cannot choose
  • Pins easily adhere to magnetic holder
  • Easy to pick up spilled pins saving you time

Product Specifications

Brand: Gudmund + Oskar
Units: Each
Size / Dimension: 4 1/8" L x 4 1/8" W x 1 1/4" H
Material: Metal/Plastic
Magnetic Pin Cushions | Magnetized Pin Cushions | Magnet For Sewing Pins

Magnetic Pin Cushions

Keep track of pins easily and quickly with a magnetic pin holder for sewing. Choose from several styles of magnetic pin accessories, helpful for keeping track of straight pins, quilter’s pins, and needles. Magnetic pin cushions, wristbands, and wands contain a strong magnet perfect for keeping metal pins in place. They can also be used to help pick up pins safely from surfaces.

Pin Holder Styles

magntic pin holders

Magnetic Pin Holders

Use a Magnetic Pin Holder to pick up and keep track of pins and needles easily. A handy addition to any sewing table, Magnetic Pin Accessories can be used to keep pins in place or pick up stray pins, helping you keep your workspace clear.

wrist pin cushion

Wrist Pin Cushions

Safely keep pins and needles at your fingertips with a Wrist Pin Cushion. A very portable option, great for tailoring, quilting, or other projects where you might move around as you work. Keep pins always within reach with a Wrist Pin Cushion.

tomato pin cushions

Tomato Pin Cushions

The classic pin cushion, and a staple of every sewing kit, a Tomato Pin Cushion is a lightweight and convenient choice that’s easy to bring with you anywhere. Keep track of pins of any shape and size with a Tomato Pin Cushion.

Does this come with pins ?
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Hi, yes, it will come with a few pins. Thank you for your question.
Lisa P.
  • logologo Staff

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June 13, 2021
Excellent tool

It picks up pins and needles quick and you don't have to worry about losing it on the floor. The magnetic is strong and it sticks to the surface and not inside.

Hello, and thank you for rating and reviewing this item.
Lisa P.
  • logologo Staff
February 19, 2020
Totally agree with the first review.

I regret not purchasing more. The price is great & the magnet is strong.

February 27, 2019
Buy More than One!

I own two of these and LOVE them! The magnet is powerful and keeps all of my pins in place. As I'm unpinning a project, I can just toss the pins in its general direction and the product lives up to its name! If I drop pins on the floor, I just sweep the product over the pins and they are quickly and completely picked up. I will probably buy another one soon as I have several types of pins, depending on the project. Love it!