Clover Fine Point Marking Pen

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Clover provides quality and ingenuity since 1925.

Clover marking pen with a fine point makes it easy to see marking on dark colored fabrics. As the ink dries on the fabric, white markings will become more visible. Markings are easily erased with heat from ironing or when washed. Available in white (WH) only. Pen is 5-7/8" long. Pre-test on sample fabric before using.


  • Use for marking on dark colored fabrics
  • Markings disappear when ironed or washed
  • Wait for ink to dry before it will show (approximately 30 seconds)

Product Specifications

Brand: Clover
Units: Each
Size / Dimension: 5 7/8"
Material: Felt Tip Marker
Special Instructions: Remove with hot iron or by washing. Pre-test.
Additional Information:
Why is my Clover White Marking Pen writing clear, not white?
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The mark starts out clear, and turns white as it dries.
  • logologo Staff
My White Marking Pen (CK18WH) still has ink in the cartridge. Why is it not marking my fabric?
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There are 3 main reasons that this pen is not marking. First, the pen has dried out. This happens by forgetting to put the lid back on or not putting it on completely. You can use a cotton swab with alcohol to clean the tip and get it working again. Second, the pen may have been accidentally dropped and the ball point gets jammed. If this happens, unfortunately, the pen is a loss and will need to be replaced. Third, the material may be too light or too rough. This is an ideal product for darker, smoother materials. A good way to test this is on a dark piece of paper.
Joseph D.
  • logologo Staff

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August 28, 2020
Great for dark fabric!

I use this pen on fabric that is too dark for blue marking pens. Works great and it's erased and gone with the touch of a hot iron.

Patricia C.
Thank you for your review.
Lisa P.
  • logologo Staff
January 04, 2020
limited use

I have tried this pen on wool blend, polyester, and cotton knit pants. It has not worked on any of them. I tried it on a colored sheet of paper and was able to see the ink once it dried so I know the pen is not out of ink. Does not work well for my applications.

  • Verified Buyer
Thanks for your review. We're sorry it didn't work for you. A refund has been issued.
Lisa P.
  • logologo Staff