PGM Size 0 Hip Curve Ladies Dress Form #601A W/Hip Curve Professional

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High quality products while staying innovative and reliable.

PGM hip curve dress form is naturally body shaped with realistic looking buttock. Pinnable with collapsible shoulders, bump out side seams and are easily adjustable by stepping on the foot pedal. Covered by linen with aluminum base and wheels. Available in a variety of sizes. Please note that this item will ship separate. Size 0: 22-1/2" waist, 33-1/4" hips, 31-3/4" bust and 10-1/2" neck. Size 2: 23-1/2" waist, 34" hips, 32-1/2" bust and 11"+ neck. Size 4: 24-1/2" waist, 35" hips, 33-1/2" bust and 11-1/2"+ neck. Size 6: 25-1/2" waist, 36" hips, 34-1/2" bust and 12"+ neck. Size 8: 26-1/2" waist, 37" hips, 35-1/2" bust and 12-1/2"+ neck. Size 10: 27-1/2" waist, 38" hips, 36-1/2" bust and 13"+ neck. Size 12: 29" waist, 39-1/2" hips, 38" bust and 13-1/2"+ neck. Size 14: 30-1/2" waist, 41" hips, 39-1/2" bust and 14-1/4"+ neck. Size 16: 32" waist, 42-1/2" hips, 41" bust and 15"+ neck. Size 18: 33-1/2" waist, 44" hips, 42-1/2" bust and 15-3/4"+ neck.


  • Natural body shaped with realistic looking buttock
  • Available in a variety of sizes
  • Pinnable with collapsible shoulders
  • Covered by linen
  • Please note that this item will ship separate

Product Specifications

Brand: PGM
Units: Each
Size / Dimension: Size 0
Material: Linen Covered
Additional Information:
How do I pick the proper dress form?
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Our suggestion is that you always take your bust, waist, hip and back waist length measurement first. Then look at the forms that your measurements fall into best and then compare the features. If you are on the cusp of a measurement, you would defer to the smaller size. You can pad the form to add inches but you cannot take away from it. Most people have to pad in areas anyway. The bust area is just a slight protrusion so you would need to pad the exact shape of your bust. The tummy area is completely flat. The dress form height is measured by shoulder height. Your height range is within the adjustments of the forms. The shoulder width is not adjustable but the back waist length measurement is. That is where the length of the body torso is measured. It is the measurement from the back of the neck at the neck bone, down to the top of your natural waist. The form is designed so there is an overlap and you can use the inside knob to unlock it and pull it apart to adjust the measurement.
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Are the Uniquely You dress forms adjustable?
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Not like most dress forms. They do not adjust freely. A cover needs to be put over the foam form to mold the unit to the dimensions of the cover. They are most recommended for someone making there own clothing and want a form true to their own size.
  • Staff
Do we sell a dress form with legs that would allow the customer to make pants?
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Currently we do not.
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