"My Double Deluxe" Small Dress Form

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Dritz has ideas that inspire, products that make and techniques that endure.

The Dritz My Double Deluxe dress form has all of the features of the standard My Double dress form with the added benefit of an off-set pole position for constructing pants. Other features include that it is designed to fit pants plus all other types of garments (gowns, dresses, suits and skirts), it has shaped hips, bottom and thighs for fitting pants, an off-set center pole position for hanging pants, a longer pole (to accommodate taller women, wedding dresses and evening gowns), extended shoulders for supporting and setting in sleeves, 12 rotating dial wheels (at bust, waist and hips), adjustments can be made in precise increments, adjustable back waist length, adjustable neck with pin cushion, pin hem marker, foam-backed nylon cover for easy pinning and marking and it comes in the color blue. Small - Bust 33"-41", waist 26"-33", hips 36"-44"and neck 14"+. Medium - Bust 40"-47", waist 32"-39", hips 41"-49"and neck 14-1/2"+.


  • Off-set pole position for constructing pants
  • Shaped hips, bottom and thighs
  • Extended shoulders for supporting and setting sleeves
  • 12 rotating dial wheels
  • Adjustable neck with pin cushion

Product Specifications

Brand: Dritz®
Units: Each
Size / Dimension: Bust: 33"-41"; Waist: 26"-34"; Hips: 36"-44"; Neck: 13 1/2"
Material: Foam-Backed Nylon Cover
Special Instructions: Tripod base folds for easy storage
Additional Information:
Hello, I want to start sewing for clients (mostly casual wear) and wondering if I purchase each of this dress form: small and medium, will it be sufficient enough to accommodate a variety of sizes I am going to work with? Instead of buying the other dress forms that come in only one size. Thanks!
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It's hard to say if 2 units will be sufficient for all your clients. It would really depend on the body type of your clients. You would have more more options using 2 different size forms than just 1 form though.
Lisa P.
  • logologo Staff

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