Dritz Seam-Fix Double-Sided Seam Ripper - 5 1/3"

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Quality Made.

The Dritz Seam-Fix Double-Sided Seam Ripper is a 3-in-1 tool. The tool features a small, fine blade seam ripper, a heavy duty blade and special rubbery tips for removing threads. To use remove the cap and set it aside. Then using the blade cut unwanted stitches. Finally place the cap back on the seam ripper. Use the rubbery tip to grab loose threads. Measures 5 1/3" long.


  • Fine and heavy duty seam ripper blades cut threads.
  • The white rubbery tips on the protective caps grab and erase threads away
  • Raised arrows on the center of the tool indicate the seam ripper size under the cap.
  • Soft finger grips located on both sides for comfort

Product Specifications

Brand: Dritz
Units: Each
Material: Plastic Handle w/Metal Tip
Size / Dimension: 5 1/3"

fOUR sTYLES of Seam RipperS


Everyday Seam Rippers

Perfect for undoing a wide variety of stitches and seams, an Everyday Seam Ripper is the perfect all-purpose Seam Ripper for undoing stitches on any project. Everyday Seam Rippers are a staple of any sewer’s tool kit for removing unwanted seams quickly and safely.


Ergonomic Seam Rippers

Make time spent undoing stitches more comfortable with an Ergonomic Seam Ripper. These seam rippers each feature a curved, ergonomic handle designed for comfort while seam ripping. An Ergonomic Seam Ripper is an ideal choice if you have to spend a long time undoing stitches or hems. 


Super Sharp Seam Rippers

For serged or overlocked seams and extra-heavy thread, check out one of our available styles of Super Sharp Seam Rippers. These extra-sharp seam rippers are sharper than an average seam ripper, with replaceable blades and a curved, “c-shape” blade perfect for undoing serged seams.


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Easily correct your sewing mistakes.

Easily correct your sewing mistakes.

The ability to remove unwanted stitches cleanly and safely is essential for any sewer. To remove stitches, slip the point under the thread and push through to cut with the blade. Then, use the point to pull out the thread stitch by stitch. The sharp blade of a seam ripper can also be used for opening buttonholes and even cutting thread in a pinch. To get the best results from your seam ripper, protect the blade with a protective cap when not in use.