Mundial 8 1/2" Pinking Shears

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Mundial combines old world craftsmanship with modern technology.

Mundial 8-1/2" pinking shears with molded plastic handles feature a zig-zag cut. Finish with these for ravel resistant edges. Also used for decorative edging. Handles shaped to give you a secure grip and maximum control. Stainless steel blades are both light-weight and durable. Lifetime Guarantee against defects in materials, construction and workmanship. (Misuse and abuse are specifically excluded from guarantee coverage.)


  • Red dot premium
  • Finish seams with a resistant jagged edge
  • Prevents unraveling of material
  • Light-weight and durable
  • Decorative appliqué cutting

Product Specifications

Brand: Mundial®
Units: Each
Size / Dimension: 8 1/2"
Material: Stainless Steel Blades; Plastic Handle
Additional Information:


There are so many types of scissors, shears and trimmers to choose from – like Straight, Bent, Dressmaker, Tailor, Pinking, Craft, Embroidery and Curved – just to name a few, so it can be difficult to know you are making the right choice. Straight Trimmers have in-line blades, while Bent Trimmers are angled which allows them to stay even with the cutting surface. Dressmaker and Tailor Shears are very similar, but Tailor Shears are larger with longer blades that result in longer cuts. Pinking Shears create a zigzag cut that prevents fraying. Craft, Embroidery and Curved Embroidery Scissors are the smallest of the bunch, and are useful for precise cutting. If you're still in doubt, don't hesitate to give us a call. We're happy to help.

Scissor Types for Sewing And Tailoring Straight, Bent, Dressmaker, Tailor, Craft, Embroidery, Curved
Pinking Shears Zigzag Edge Rainbow Material

Prevent Frayed Edges With These Pinking Shears.

Use these pinking shears to finish seams with a zigzag resistant jagged edge that helps resist fraying. The zigzag cut prevents the threads in the fabric from coming undone and loose. If you cut fabric, especially cotton or tight weave types, then you need pinking shears.

How many teeth per inch are on a pinking sheer?
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They ALL have 6 teeth per inch.
  • logologo Staff
Can I get pinking shears with different teeth sizes?
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At this time, pinking shears teeth are standardized and are the same across multiple brands of scissors. This is great if the customer has multiple seamstress’ and each wants to use their style of scissors, they can essentially work on the same project.
  • logologo Staff

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