Gingher Curved Embroidery Scissors - 4"

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Gingher offers the premier line of cutting implements in home sewing, crafts and needlework.

The Gingher 4" Curved Embroidery Scissors have slightly thicker blades that allow them to cut one layer of fabric. The curved, narrow blades and sharp points enable close cuts while working above the work surface. Made from durable double-plated chrome over nickel finish.


  • Made from double-plated chrome over nickel
  • Cuts one layer of fabric, needlework or paper crafts
  • Embroidery design with curved blade to cut closer to fabric
  • Sharp points for snipping tight threads

Product Specifications

Brand: Gingher
Units: Each
Material: Double-Plated Chrome over Nickel
Size / Dimension: 4"
Gingher Fabric Scissors and Sewing Scissors

Gingher Fabric Scissors and Sewing Scissors

Looking for your new favorite pair of fabric scissors? For sewing scissors and shears of unparalleled quality, look no further than Gingher Scissors. From embroidery scissors to dressmaker's shears, Gingher offers high-quality fabric scissors and trimmers for every sewer’s needs. With long-lasting ground blades perfectly sharpened and balanced for fabric cutting of all types, Gingher Sewing Scissors are the industry standard for fabric cutting. Choose from a variety of styles to find your perfect pair.

Gingher Scissor Styles

Feather-Weight & Light-Weight Trimmers

Gingher Light-Weight and Feather-Weight Scissors feature a nylon handle that makes these scissors very lightweight and easy to use. Great for lighter fabrics, cutting for long periods of time, and those who may have trouble using heavier fabric scissors.

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Knife Edge Trimmers

Gingher Knife-Edge Trimmers are available in a variety of styles for different applications, but they all have one thing in common: their extra-sharp blades make cutting even the heaviest fabrics a breeze.

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Specialty Trimmers & Shears

Sharp and durable Gingher Scissors perfect for embroidery, craft materials, and other specialty applications.

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Left Hand Scissors

Gingher Left Hand Shears are designed to offer superior comfort and ease of use to left-handed users.

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Gingher Scissors Maintenance and Care

Gingher Scissors Maintenance and Care

Keeping your fabric scissors and shears in top condition is easy with a few simple steps. First, be sure to only cut fabric with your sewing scissors—cutting other materials like paper will dull the blades. To keep scissors clean of fibers or dust, routinely wipe the blades of your scissors or shears down with a soft cloth. Keep your scissors moving freely and smoothly by occasionally applying a few drops of household oil at the joint where the two blades meet. If storing your scissors for a longer period of time, lightly oil the blades before storing. If needed, scissor blades can be washed and dried by hand.