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#5 30" Molded Plastic Jacket Zipper



Item #: MZ530

Sold as: Each

  • Molded plastic style
  • Open bottom, ideal for jackets
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Medium weight #5 size
  • Automatic lock slider
Sale Price:Your Price:$1.44
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YKK Color

  • 125
  • 21
  • 264
  • 274
  • 29
  • 303
  • 326
  • 341
  • 354
  • 516
  • 520
  • 521
  • 528
  • 536
  • 544
  • 548
  • 552
  • 568
  • 58
  • 810
  • 813
  • 820
  • 840
  • 867
  • 87
  • 877
  • 89
  • 916
  • 918
  • Army
  • Beige
  • Black
  • Camel
  • Dark
  • Dark
  • Graphite
  • Green
  • Ivory
  • Khaki
  • Lavender
  • Light
  • Light
  • Light
  • Light
  • Medium
  • Medium
  • Medium
  • Natural
  • Navy
  • Orange
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Red
  • Royal
  • Rust
  • White
  • Wine
  • Y0997
  • Y0998
  • Yellow
  • Z122
Perfect for a variety of projects and especially popular for jackets. Medium-weight with open bottom and auto-lock slider. Molded teeth, slider and tape colors match. Actual Zipper length is 30".

Smoothing A Sticky Zipper: The elements' gears can be damaged by forcing a slider that does not open or close smoothly. Apply paraffin or the lubricating spray "ZIPPYCOOL®" (Item # ZW2) to the front and back side of the elements and move the slider up and down several times to work in the lubricant and make the slider work smoothly.

Elements Missing from Zipper: Trying to forcibly close a zipper in a bag that has been overfilled will cause an excess load on the elements. This stress may cause the elements to slip out from the tape. This is a fatal problem with a zipper. The zipper should be closed only after bringing the two element's sides near each other so that the slider can move more easily.

If Your Zipper Slider Gets Caught In Fabric: A slider may catch on thread or cloth when opened or closed. Attempting to free the slider by force will only worsen the problem. Pull the slider back, removing the trapped thread or cloth. When the slider bites deeply into the cloth, do not force it back but work it back gently. When sewing zippers on garments, take care to avoid the possibility of the zipper getting caught.

Open The Zipper Before Removing Clothing: Clothing should be put on or taken off only after completely opening a zipper. When closing the zipper, the slider will move smoothly if the hook or the top button is fastened beforehand. If the slider is left midway, excessive stress is placed on the elements, bottom stop or the slider itself, and this may cause damage. The same attention given to boots, gloves and accessories that have a zipper will keep problems to a minimum.

Cleaning Zippers: A zipper should be closed and the slider fixed before cleaning. Left open, the tip of the slider may damage the fabric or the tape may become stretched or may shrink. Strong alkaline detergents or chlorine bleaching agents used to remove oil or stains dissolve paraffin or oily film and must be used with care. If a zipper does not work smoothly after cleaning, apply paraffin or the lubricating spray "ZIPPYCOOL®, (Item # ZW2)" and work the slider up and down several times until it works smoothly.
User Reviews

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It's a good zipper - some colors are a guess by


It's a good zipper. Was easy to shorten. Smooth sewing over the zip tape. Looks great. Glides just fine.

I got three colors. It's a risk to choose colors online sometimes. Photo and display isn't so spot on. I chose 1) Wine - it's what I expected. A lovely deep red. 2) 867 - It's a brilliant deep purple, aubergine color. Lucked out again. 3) 916 - The display was hard to tell if it was charcoal or brown. I wanted a dark gray. It's brown. I gambled and lost. Oh well. It will get used eventually, right? To the stash drawer with you, color 916.

Thank you, Wawak, for having a huge color selection. You rock.

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Wawak's Reply:

Please write a review and tell other customers about your shopping experience! if you could share something about the product you purchased, what would it be?
Thanks for the comment! -- Lisa P. Product Manager at Wawak