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16X257 Organ Regular Point Industrial Machine Needles


Brand: Organ

Item #: MNR162

Sold as: 10/Pack

  • Regular point needle
  • Sharp pointed tip
  • Ideal for most all fabrics and materials
  • For straight stitch
  • Available in a variety of sizes
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Organ brand machine needles are available for almost every major brand name sewing machine. Available in two types (Regular and Ball Point). Our Regular needles feature a pointed tip, ideal for most all fabrics and materials. Our Ball Point needles feature a more rounded tip, ideal for use on knits. Needle system is 16 X 231 and 16 X 257. Available in a variety of sizes. Sold in packages of 10 needles.

Our Regular needles feature a pointed tip, ideal for most all fabrics and materials. Machine Make and Model #: Brother 524, B652, B763, B755-3, Consew 100, 101, 207, 210, 215, 216, 217, 220, 230, Juki DDL, 201, 227, 530, 5500, 8300, 8500, Singer 95-10, 96-10, 96-80, 103K, 188K-1, 188-U, 196K, 19-10, 19-32, 44, 241-12. Needle systems: 16x231, 16x257, 16x95, 16x87, TBx1, 1647, SY2055, DBx257, DBx1, DBx1738, 1738, SY2270, 13017, SY2254

NEEDLES IN DEPTH: Todays market carries many types of home sewing machine needles. You will find regular sewing needles, embroidery needles, metallic needles, titanium needles and more. Some of these needles have multiple features and all have multiple sizes (9-20).

We recommend Organ Brand machine needles because of their price and quality. Organ needles come 10 to a pack as compared to many other brands, which only come 5 to a pack. Organ needles last twice as long as many competitors. Organ home sewing machine needles fit many machines, including Bernina, Brother, Elna, Husqvarna, Janome, Juki, Melco, Baby Lock, New Home, Poem, Riccar, Simplicity, Singer, Viking, White, and more. Their basic home machine needle is a FLAT SHANK needles, used by most home machine manufacturers. Organ needles also come with a larger eye for embroidery and metallic thread, in a heavy duty needle for heavy embroidery or quilting, or with a leather point. Organ needles come either with a chrome finish or a titanium-nitride ceramic finish.

Needle Points
The first decision you must make is between a sharp point and a ball point (BP) needle. Ball point needles have a rounded tip and are used to push between the fibers when sewing instead of making a hole or a break in the actual fiber. This is why they are used for knits or tightly woven materials. Imagine a run in a stocking; that is what can happen on knit material when using a SHARP needle point. A sharp point needle is what is says, sharp on the end, perfect for woven material.

Needle Types
Next you will need to look at the type of the actual needle. Organ needles come in a variety of types, not all of which are discussed in this article. The basic, a
15x1 HAx1 is the standard home sewing machine needle. It is perfect for most home sewing, quilting, and embroidery machines. It is available is a variety of sizes and it the place to start with most projects. I would say to try it before going on to a more expensive needle.

Next is the 15x1 ST. This is what I call the embroidery needle because it comes with a larger eye. This reduces the stress on the thread while embroidering or doing decorative work. It will also accomodate your larger threads, like a metallic or a heavy top stitching thread. If you are getting a lot of thread breakage, then step up to this needle. This needles is also great if you are just having trouble seeing to thread the needle.

The HLx5 needle is a heavy duty needle produced by Organ. If you are bending a lot of needles, then upgrade to this one. It is actually an industrial sized needle, made to go through multiple layers. Ideally suited for heavy embroidery, or sewing denim jeans or quilting.

Needle Sizing
There are many guides out there for choosing the correct needle sizes so I won't go into this too much. In fact, many of our sewing machine manuals come with a basic needle guide. Personally, I use size 10 and 12 for most of my work, which is embroidery and quilting. The rule of thumb is to use the smallest size needle that you can so as not to leave a hole in your fabric. For very lightweight materials use the smallest size you can get. Heavy denim may take a size 14 or 16.
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Please write a review and tell other customers about your shopping experience! if you could share something about the product you purchased, what would it be?
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